Metadata available in the breakdown section
breakdown meta data
When you do the breakdown of your TV series, it's common to have to store more information than the casting. Instead of doing back and forth with the main shot list, you can now change shots metadata right from the breakdown UI.
Retake capping
When you deal with a lot of shots, it's hard to keep track of all the retakes given by clients or directors. In Kitsu you can already see quickly which shots had many retakes but if you deal with several TV series, for instance, it may be too late when you see that several shots got too many iterations.
That's why you can now set a maximum number of retakes for a production or a shot. You will be able to make sure that there is no extra retakes happening without the production approval.
Show annotations while playing
Annotations are great to show doodles of what is expected. But sometimes you want to animate this doodle and show it live during the playing. That's why, in playlists, you can tell if you want to see the annotations or not while playing the video.
Flexible resolutions
Most of the time the shot resolution is homogeneous for the whole production. But it happens that you need shots with a specific resolution (used for extra videos). You can now set the resolution you want at the shot level too. It will allow to bypass the production settings.
Global search field
You can now access quickly the information of an asset or a person. We added a search field in the top bar that allows going to the page you are looking for. It will allow to see an asset state or how busy is an artist. It saves you a few clicks to find the information.
Artists can search in their done tasks
Peek 13-06-2022 14-19
The artists were already able to search in their running tasks. You told us, that they need to get information from the work they have already done. So, we added the search field to the done tasks page. Now you can dig into past tasks too!
The search field from the Timesheets section filters the done tasks too.
The video waveform is available in playlists
Peek 13-06-2022 14-10
To make sure that there are no inconsistencies between your sound and your animation, we added the capability to see the waveform in the playlist player. Your animation will be more accurate than ever!
Pictures are from Sprite Fright by the Blender Foundation.
Supervisor and Production Manager roles
More granularity on permissions was needed for artist teams. People from a specific department want to see first what they are working on.
To allow that, we renamed the Supervisor role to a Production Manager role. They have always read and write access to the productions they are assigned to. Aside from that, we created a new Supervisor role. Now, supervisors can only interact with tasks related to their department. They see by default the columns linked to their departments when they browse asset and shot lists pages.
Improved entity pages
We cleaned the UI design of all entity pages (Asset, Shot, and Edit). It's easier to read them. We fixed some broken links. We added information like activities, the preview file list, and time logs.
The Blender studio integrated the review room in the Edit section of the page.
Thumbnail quick preview
Prior to this change, clicking on a thumbnail led to another page where the related picture was open. From now on, it will open a quick preview modal that can be closed with a single click. It will be easier for you to recognize a thumbnail.
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