Follow up on the latest improvements and updates.


When you compare two previews, it happens most of the time to check if a retake has been correctly fixed. To be sure that the right change has been done, it's good to see the annotation done on the previous version. Thanks to this latest addition, you are now able to see the annotations done on the compared version.
Previewing 3D models right in the browser is practical. But, sometimes, we want to look at it in a context. So, you can now display the model with a given .hdr skybox background. It will make your previewing more like in the target environment and allow more accurate feedback.
You could already set a value in your table by limiting the choice to the user. That way, you ensured that no one made a mistake while changing this field. It's now possible to have the same logic but with multiple values. Let's say you want to have a set of tags as value, it's now possible to do it while keeping it error-prone.
In any media service, we are used to having a picture previewing the frame we will click on in the video progress bar. When you look at a frame, you prefer to have a super-fast preview system to look for the frame that interests you. Thanks to our latest addition, you can see a small preview of each frame when hovering over the video progress bar.
Now that sequences have their own task. It sounds logical to allow you to build playlists to review these sequences tasks as well. It's now possible. You can build playlist on the fly or prepare playlists for your client with sequence tasks only.
Thank you Bobbypills for sponsoring this feature!
When a particular event occurs on a task, like an important rig getting modified, it may be needed to warn a full department. To cover this use case, it's now possible to mention a department in a comment. Everyone in the department will be notified of the change.
When running a conversation thread into a comment, it's common to want to mention someone. Or, you may need to warn someone that something changed. For these reasons, we made it possible to make mentions in comment replies too!
When you want to manage a lot of tasks together, it is a little bit time-consuming to move all the tasks and you were not sure to keep the sequencing as it was either. Thanks to the multi-selection mode, you can select several tasks at the same time with the ctrl key and drag them together. It's easier to manage your workload.
It was one of the most awaited features of our roadmap: the team schedule! You will now be able
to see the occupation of your whole studio. Select a department or directly an artist and see how its load is split over time.
It's our first iteration on it but many features will be added to make its usage as smooth as possible (multi-task selection, task assignation, wider view, etc.).
We understood that the floating panel was an issue for many of you. So, we decided to keep its position fixed and put it on the top of the right panel. And because it takes up some room, we had to remove some buttons.
Among them, we took off the panel widener. Now you can directly drag the panel border to make it wider. Using Kitsu has been easier than ever!
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