Follow up on the latest improvements and updates.


When you deal with several productions simultaneously, you may need to know the load and progress of a given department or a single person. Thanks to the cross-production task list, you can access this information in a few clicks.
As the use cases covered by Kitsu widened, we now have users from the video game and NFT industries. That's why, from now on, the Kitsu wording will adapt if you set the production style to "Video Games" or "NFT collection." Shots will be replaced by Levels or NFT, depending on what you choose.
In production with linear workflows, it's great to update thumbnails once the project progresses. So, now Kitsu can be set to change the thumbnail with the most recent preview uploaded. That why the entity is always the most representative as a thumbnail.
The entity page was a bit messy due to the many information involved. To manage that we changed the layout. It's now divided in tabs that fill the screen. The first thing you see are the task status and the recent changes.
NB: For assets, we added the Concepts and Output files tabs to list all concepts and files linked to this asset.
As an artist, you can now see how tasks fit into your calendar. Kitsu proposes a weekly or monthly view to see how your assignments are organized. You can comment them and modify status right from the calendar view.
As an artist, you can now manage your tasks via Kanban board. It's easier to scan and more playful to deal with. We hope you will enjoy this new way to deal with tasks in Kitsu.
You can now navigate through your playlist via a dedicated timeline. Thanks to the frame preview widget, you can easily find the shot you sought. Additionally, you can play playlist builds right from the UI, which allows you to check your transitions.
Archiving configuration elements such as task types or statuses is now possible. It will help to make your UIs cleaner. Asset types, departments, automations and .hdr backgrounds are archiveable too.
Before your production, it's common to accumulate references to help design your assets or shots. That's why we added a page dedicated to it. You are now able to push any concept you want. Then, you can link them to assets and mark them as validated or rejected. It will help a lot to manage your brainstorming and will give references all along the way to your artists.
Thank you to the Blender Studio for sponsoring this feature!
With Kitsu offering more and more capabilities and enabling more different workflows, the list of task types and task statuses can grow quickly. Sometimes, you need to use it in different software or simply list them in your documents. That's why we added the capability to export them. You can get your types and status data in all your documents.
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