If the first frame of your preview doesn't make sense for your entity, you can now chose a different frame from your movie preview.
When starting a new VFX production, it's better to start from your .EDL information. It's now possible to import an .edl file, in the same way as importing spreadsheets.
When you publish a new revision, it's now possible to override the revision number. That way your Kitsu revisions can match your file revisions.
We added a new metadata type. You can now use number columns. Only numerical values can be entered in the column. It's useful to set additional measures on your entities.
We added a new metadata type. You can now use boolean columns (yes / no values). The values are represented and modified via a checkbox. It's useful to set additional states on your entities.
As a Supervisor, you have tons of deliveries to review before they are sent to the Director. In intense production, you can quickly miss some tasks that needs to be check. That's why we added a page for supervisors listing all tasks with a status flagged with "is feedback request".
Thank you to the Fost Studio for sponsoring this feature.
When you are doing the casting of the assets on the shots, you may want to use this time also to add extra information on the shot level. So we decided to revamp the whole interface.
It now displays the asset types in columns instead of lines and it allows you to edit the shot metadata right from the breakdown.
Thank you to the Monello Studio for sponsoring this feature.
You may have several productions simultaneously in your studio, and you need to know what is happening everywhere.
You can now have a global view of every update at the studio level thanks to the new Studio Newsfeed page!
You have the same option as on the production newsfeed page, and you can still click on any task to open the comment panel, get information and react on them.
You have set your schedule and assigned tasks, and everything is going well.
But at some points, you need to know if your team is still on track. With the remaining information in the estimation tab, you can see if the artist still has tasks to do, how many days they have left to do them, and if the remaining time modifies the estimated quotas.
Thank you to the Fost Studio for sponsoring this feature.
In a previous update, we introduced the action box.
Most of you were very happy with it, but you also expressed concern about where to place it.
That's why you can now reduce it and, for example, place it under the filter bar. It won't be on your way again.
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