Multi-Factor Authentification
On Kitsu, you can now enable the 2FA authentication. You have several options for that:
  • TOTP (with your cellphone and a dedicated app)
  • OTP via email.
Your Kitsu account will be more secure than ever!
NB: We will soon add support for authentication through hardware keys.
Additional filters on the task type pages
Knowing if a task is late or on its way to being late is an essential indicator for production and supervisors.
That's why we added new filters on the task type page to quickly identify the task, which may be troublesome or could. Identify in a glimpse past due dates and exceed duration.
Update thumbnails in one click
We added a new way to set thumbnails on an entity. You can now update all the selected thumbnails at once based on the latest uploaded previews. It can be done right from the new action panel.
Admins can change passwords
If one of your team members forgets his password and cannot reset it due to a wrong email, it's now possible to change the email via the Person List page. You can now change the password for anyone on the team from the team page! They will receive an email to notify them, to make sure they were the person who initiated this change.
Automatic computation of the number of frames
To facilitate the setup of your shot lists, when you enter the Frame In and Frame Out values, Kitsu will automatically calculate the total number of frames for the related shot.
Casting Copy-Pasting
You can now copy/paste casting data from one given shot to another. For that, it's simple, select the shot casting you want to copy and use the classical
and paste it to the target shot by selecting it and pressing ctr+dv.
Hide the chat support widget
We know that sometimes the chat support bubble can be annoying by hiding important stuff located at the beginning of a conversation. That's why you can now hide and show the chat support widget when you want!
New action panel
Previously, the task actions in lists were done via the action bar displayed on top of the window. The problem was that it hid the navigation bar.
So, we decided to turn it into an action panel that you can move where it doesn't bother you (it was the opportunity to improve the design too). The exact same actions are available but you can still see the context of the list or navigate directly to another page of Kitsu.
New API documentation
With our REST API, you can use any programming language or framework you want to develop tools taking advantage of the Kitsu database. To help you with that, we recently published full documentation of this API.
Prior to that, only the documentation of the Python client was available. This new doc allows you to build your own client in any technology. It shows you too features that are available but not yet integrated into the Python client.
Please send us any feedback about it!
UI Design improvements
We are all animation professionals. Well-designed and beautiful things matter a lot to us. That's why we decided to improve several aspects of our User Interfaces. In that sense, we make all our modal windows neater, have cleaner option selection widgets, and make all UIs more coherent with rounded shapes and capitalized titles.
That way Kitsu feels like any modern application and shows its solidity in the UI too.
For us improving the design is an ongoing process, so we'll keep making Kitsu better in that aspect. Be ready to see some Kitsu widgets becoming even better in the upcoming months!
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